Try to imagine an escape game with no walls, played in the streets of Split. We’ve kind of turned the city into a big escape room, where puzzles combine real city landmarks with our custom made objects. Our game lasts 90 minutes, unlike typical one-hour escape room experiences.

Diocletian’s Lost Treasure

Our very first outdoor escape room game will take you wandering old narrow streets of Diocletian Palace – Split’s most iconic landmark! While playing the game, you will visit and admire all four awe-inspiring of palace’s gates, Vestibule, Peristyle, The Cellars of Diocletian’s Palace and other best-known parts of the Diocletian Palace.

City Escape is a fun adventure in which players walk around city streets. By using a special puzzle box, objects they find within it, their skills and some teamwork, players will discover clues, solve puzzles and complete the mission within the time frame.
The meeting (starting) point of this game is at Severova 1, Split – which is the address of Ethnographic Museum and right in the middle of Diocletian’s Palace! Isn’t that exciting? This way, from the very first minute of your game, you will be exploring, viewing and admiring this magnificent palace built at the turn of fourth century AD.
Besides fun puzzles which you will need to solve, clues you will need to find, you will also learn more than a few bits of history about Diocletian’s Palace and Roman emperor Diocletian himself, making this game an ultimate self-guided sightseeing tour in Split!
We promise you’ll have fun playing our game!
Each of our adventures is designed for up to 5 players in one group. If you get stuck on any puzzle, we’ll help you with a small hint, without spoiling the fun or revealing the answer!
All of the tasks, puzzles and riddles are specifically designed to be fun and encourage team play. Our city adventures are appropriate for all ages; suitable for those who already played escape room games and for those who never tried anything similar. No knowledge or special skills are needed!
Game details:
Price: 60 eur per group (2 – 5 players)
Play area: Diocletian Palace
Game duration: 90 minutes (or slightly more, if you enjoy taking a stroll)
Total distance: 1,5 km /1 mile