ClueGo City Adventure is an excellent team building activity for large and small groups.

According to research, escape room and similar games are the best activity for TEAM BUILDING. Why?

– Players cannot prepare themselves for what is waiting in the game. There are no instructions or shortcuts, so everyone must work as a team to accomplish their goal.
– ClueGo City Adventures are designed in a way that even if you start the adventure just as colleagues, we can guarantee you’ll finish as a TEAM!

ClueGo City Adventures are excellent team building activity. Besides you’ll be working as a team on how to solve a problem and by that strengthen your relationships you’ll also experience an unforgettable, fun adventure.

We can organize a team building for up to 18 participants, and if noticed in advance we can accommodate even larger groups at the same time.

We can also develop and produce games by desire and needs of a client. If you are planning a special event and would like to include a fun activity such is ClueGo CIty Adventure feel free to contact us with your proposal or inquiry. We would love to create and design a game made especially for your event.

Custom made games should be ordered in a timely manner.

To design a game especially for your event and according to our standard of quality we will need 4 weeks or more depending on the complexity of the game and your desires.