“If you do what you love, you won’t have to work a day in your life!”

ClueGo City Escape Adventures is part of CROATIA’S FIRST ESCAPE ROOM FRANCHISE!

Founded in 2017. ClueGo Escape Rooms & Adventures grew into a franchise only 18 months after launching first escape room game in Zagreb, and thus becoming Croatia’s first escape room franchise.

In the research (March 2019.) which included over 3,000 escape room centers in the world and ranked them by an average rating of their users, Cluego Escape Rooms was positioned at the 16th place of the 100 best escape rooms in the WORLD and as the best one in Croatia. Following research updates to date only confirmed that ClueGo Escape Rooms & Adventures are recognized as one of the best escape rooms by their players, and continue to make their way on the list of 100 best escape rooms in the WORLD!

ClueGo City Adventures is a proud member of ClueGo franchise since 2020. and started developing outdoor escape games in Croatia. How to become a franchise partner and start your own ClueGo City Adventure in your town is described below.


Becoming a franchise partner and starting your own ClueGo CIty Adventures is a great business oportunity which implies a small investment and quick ROI.

Franchise start package includes:

  • Designing a custom game/s for your city
  • 2 of our custom made playable puzzle boxes
  • Including your business on our website with your own domain (
  • Building your social media profiles/pages
  • Our booking and payment systems
  • Marketing start package (flyers, banner, posters)
  • Education for you and your colleagues on how to run the game and make the best experience possible for the players


You will also have our full support during the entire life-time of your escape room business. If you decide to become a part of our family, we will:

  • include you in the game making process in form of your suggestions, wishes, and preferences.
  • advise you on marketing, promotion and advertising to maximize the number of visitor and profit
  • be at your disposal during the entire lifetime of your escape room business
  • Give you all our know-how to avoid beginners’ mistakes


Advantages of our offer:

  • Great profit potential
  • Small initial investment
  • Low operating cost
  • Short return on investment period
  • Full support during your business


Franchise fees:

By entering our franchise you’ll be paying an entrance fee (which includes your franchise start package), and besides that there’s a monthly fee for using the brand, website, booking and payment solutions and support.

Who can play city escape adventures and who are most common players?

Our games can play almost everyone. Primarily, our adventures attract tourists, families, couples and groups of friends, although we quite frequently have team buildings and corporate events. The most common age group of our players is between 23 and 45 y.o.

How long can I run the same scenario / game?
There is really no expiration date. As long as there are players who haven’t played your room, you can run the same scenario.
Depending in which city you are starting your business, and how big the population is, and whether it is a tourist destination; one adventure can be active for years.
How much time will I need to open an escape room?
One of the reasons ClueGo City Escape Adventures is a great business oportunity is the fact that you can start doing business within 60 days once you sign the contract with us.
Everything you need to start having players we’ll provide for you.
Do I need to acquire some special skills or knowledge to run this type of business?
No special skills or knowledge is required to run ClueGo City Escape Adventures business.
Running a ClueGo City Escape Adventures business is like running any other business.
You’ll be working with people so customer care is really important. Having in mind that we’ll provide everything you need to run the game/s all you need to know/learn is how to operate it and of course basic business and marketing skills. Do have in mind that you’ll be an independent entrepreneur so the success of your venture is depending on your business skills.
Do I need “brick & mortar” space to run this type of business?
Actually no! You can run your ClueGo CIty Escape Adventures franchise without having an office. You can meet players at a designated location and everything can be done at any convenient place.
However, we will advise you to secure a spot near the location of the game/s. It is more practical if you can place a booth or a stand to store items, sell tickets and similar, and it also gives you visibility and free advertisement.
How big capital investment do I need to start this type of business?
Rather small. We already paid for developing and prototyping the concept and our puzzle box, so you don’t have to invest money looking for the best solution. Instead, invest your money only in your business.
If you become a part of our franchise the investment you’ll need to start operating is somewhere between 4 and 6 thousand €. (depending are you starting with just one game, or would you like to have more games for players to choose from).
How much is the franchise fee?
Franchise fee is a matter of agreement. Depends on the number of games / scenarios you’d like to acquire when you start your business.
With one-time payment and acquisition of 2 or more scenarios we can grant you a discount.
What are the benefits of partnering with us?
The most important benefit of all is that you become part of the ClueGo Escape Rooms & Adventures family.
We are a brand that has become recognizable and established on the market in just 18 months. We hold the 2th place of all “fun and games” attractions in Croatia (and we continue to grow), we managed to become the FIRST CROATIAN ESCAPE ROOM FRANCHISE and be continuously rewarded by our players ( “Best Croatian Escape Room – independent ongoing research by” )
If you become part of our ClueGo family you can be assured that you will represent a quality, recognizable and successful brand.